Special Offers


Special Offer #1

If you want the ultimate in Network Marketing training, there is no other training on the planet like Go90Grow© Why? It’s not theory AND it works. Every time for everyone. It ROCKS!

Go90Grow© is produced and presented by Mark Januszewski, World’s Laziest Networker and his wife “The Fabulous” Davene. Go90Grow© takes you step by step in not just how to succeed in Network Marketing (everyone thinks they know how), but exactly…

  • What to say to a prospect
  • What to do to get the meeting
  • What to say to say once you meet
  • How to get a “yes” 84% of the time, rejection free
  • How to close the prospect without them even knowing it
  • The skills you need to have approach people with confidence
  • and so much more!

Would getting a ‘yes’ 84% of the time make it easier? There is not a coaching program most detailed and comprehensive anywhere.

Secret: Mark and Davene are giving away word-for-word scripts that get results. You’ll get them just for viewing the 3 video series!

I’ve worked with Mark about this, personally. Here’s what he said:

“It’s a challenge learning new skills… but… when we do, we feel better about ourselves… and results improve… just like the P90X workouts are easier for me now…and the sense of accomplishment and benefits are excellent. Go90Grow members experience the same thing… we’ll challenge you to think differently and do things differently… but you’ll love the results.”

And the great thing about it? You pay once and get access for life! (This can change to a monthly membership at any time!!!)

Click on over to view the introductory videos and see for yourself why people like:

  • Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter
  • John Milton Fogg
  • Richard Brooke

and others endorse Go90Grow©!

Click here for the videos. When you are ready to get started, click the Get Go90Grow© link on that page to register and begin your Hero’s Journey!

PS: The bonus stuff you get for just watching is amazing.  This training is being used as the training for MLM – they got it Mark and Davene’s training for every rep they have and are setting records!


Special Offer #2

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Currently we are on GEN 1 of our Shared Hosting Platform, GEN 2 is a multi data center semi-private cloud setup, with 4 data centers in the US and then centers in the East and Europe, allowing for a distributed and load balanced worldwide network for our clients to deploy their sites on!

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