How To Start In Network Marketing Without Debt

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Getting Started in Network Marketing

So you have decided to become a Direct Sales Professional! Congratulations! And the company uses Network Marketing as the distribution system. Wise decision. Now, how to start?

If you begin the way most people do, you will spend money purchasing cases, kits and/or packages. Sometimes these purchases can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars! Now don’t get me wrong. You cannot expect to make money without spending some. This is a universal business truth. Anyone that tells you you can make money without spending some is pulling your chain. Run away. Fast!

But starting in Direct Sales is not quite the same as a traditional business. In a traditional business, it is common to spend large amounts of capital up front to get started. In Direct Sales, the capital needed can be as little as $50. It all depends on your immediate plans.

First Things First

The first thing you want to do is learn the product(s) or service(s) the company offers. No need to purchase everything! This is mistake #1. Oftentimes sponsors push new members into buying large packages or cases of product right from the start. Why would you do that? You are told you need product to use and to share or sell. Really? You don’t know enough to share or sell anything right from the start, do you?

Try this instead…

Purchase Only What You Use

Purchase what you would buy during an ordinary shopping trip. It really depends on what the company produces. Let’s use skin care since this is the largest category. Purchase what you would normally use in a month from the company instead of the store. In essence, you are replacing or exchanging the store bought products with the company’s products. They cost a little more, yes. But this is how the company makes it’s profit and pays you your commissions for one thing. And if you shop anywhere for high quality products, they always cost more. That’s natural! Then, only purchase what you will actually use! This is important. The last thing you want is to have unused product setting around expiring.

Your First Month

Spend that month getting familiar with the products you just purchased and developing a testimony about their benefits. You are also finding out which products you like most. This will become your monthly order. You are also attending meetings, watching company videos, studying the company and it’s guidelines, etc. This is your training time. Then you will have gained enough knowledge to begin talking to others about what? The products, not starting a business! Remember, NO ONE makes money until products are sold to customers. Anything else can be mistaken as a pyramid scheme.

Build That Foundation!

After you have began to build a profitable customer base, then and only then are you even qualified to begin talking to people about the business. Why? Because they are going to do what you do! Many times this is used as a tactic to get new distributors to purchase large amounts of product up front. Then they are encouraged to get others to do the same. This sometimes gets them promoted fast. But without a customer base to support the volume requirements, you may not succeed in the long term! I will cover this further in another article.

Now, get started learning and moving product. This will build your business on a solid foundation of customers and make your customers happy too since they will have a knowledgeable distributor. You!

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